Strawberry supplies will continue to decrease due to the recent rain weather. Expect very high prices and pro rates.

Interruption to harvests due to rain will undoubtedly continue to affect order fill with no guarantee that we will be able to fill demand. Quality will be inconsistent with some locations reporting very fair quality fruit. We are and will continue to have challenges with weather which not only affects supplies but also affects quality and price. Growers are required to do the best they can and will continue to pack the best quality possible. We will be in a critical state with regards to strawberry supplies for the next several weeks and will keep you posted.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,
Daylight Foods, Inc.

About Daylight Foods

Daylight Foods is a leading Bay Area food distribution company located in the Milpitas. The company serves a diverse industry including large chains, concessions, cafeterias and small locally owned restaurants throughout California. Daylight Foods is known as a produce wholesaler, but clients enjoy a large and varied product line including produce, eggs, dairy, imported specialty items, bottled water, spices, compostables, grains, oils and more. Daylight Foods is committed to sustainability and in addition to conventional items sources seasonal. organic, and locally grown produce as well as having eco-friendly delivery trucks. They offer many services, including in house fresh cut produce to order. Daylight Foods is dedicated to the highest quality products, food safety and service for their valued customers.

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