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Daylight School Programs

Daylight Foods has been working with k-12 school district for over 15 years to provide students with fresh produce during school hours.  We believe that students are better able to learn and grow when they are provided fresh, delicious and nutritional foods. We also know that school have a lot to accomplish on a tight budget and we are committed to offering our produce at a price that schools can afford. Check out some of our school programs!

USDA Pilot Project for Unprocessed Fruits and Vegetables

Daylight Foods is and approved vendor through this USDA pilot program, which allows schools more flexibility to purchase unprocessed and minimally processed products such as apples, baby carrots and shredded lettuce using their DOD commodity money. With a wide-range of approved products, Daylight Foods makes it easy to use your USDA funds through online ordering.  We also offer in-house processing to deliver produce that conforms to your food service program.

USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program or FFVP

The USDA’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program provides children in elementary schools with fresh snacks during the day. At Daylight Foods we help schools coordinate this program by scheduling new, fun and delicious snacks throughout the school year – letting you know what fresh, local produce we’ll be delivering a month in advance so that teachers can work snacks into lessons and activities.  We provide invoicing and assistance to make the reimbursement process simple.

Harvest of the Month and Farm to School

Supporting local farms is embedded in our mission. Through our farm to school and harvest of the month programs we work with local growers to provide fresh seasonal produce to schools. We provide signage, educational tools and monthly suggestions to make it easy to incorporate local foods into cafeterias.  We partner with the Community Alliance of Family Farms to supply districts with tracking, marketing materials and consultation.

School Gardens

Children that are exposed to gardening at a young age are more likely to eat fresh fruits and vegetables into adulthood.  We offer a grant to the districts we serve in order to encourage the growth of new and existing school gardens.

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Resources for Schools

We believe that education of our food resources is a key part of a healthy community. Know when fruits and vegetables are in season, or which food items are unhealthy through our school resource guides. All free to download and use!


Our Mission

“At Daylight Foods our mission is to make lives better by providing healthy, local, and safe food.”