Our Mission

“At Daylight Foods our mission is to make lives better by providing healthy, local, and safe food.”

Our Story

Located in California, we deliver fresh food
from farms to grocers and restaurants.

We have been proudly serving the San Jose community with quality produce since 1976, where we started as a small San Jose Farmers Market.

We were small, and we worked hard to provide our customers with the best produce we could get. Our customers loved us, and with that love, we eventually grew.

Our desire to share our passion for produce with more people lead us to focus our company to food distribution. Our team had to grow as well! We welcomed many passionate and motivated partners who shared our vision in helping us materialize our dream, which was to source our own produce. In 2005, we made that dream a reality when we became Daylight foods.

During that time, lots of exciting things happened.  We added trucks to our business and continued to gain the trust of even more customers. We knew that in order to serve our growing customer base, we had to move into a larger space. In 2009, we were excited to move to Milpitas, CA.

In our current location, which boasts over 50,000 sq ft, we now have a large warehouse with a processing room, state of the art coolers, repack areas and loading dock.

Still today, with the trust of our customers and the hard work of our partners, we continue to serve the community that helped us get here. Because of you, we are daylight.


We love working with our partners
to source great produce to you