Leading the Way

in Food Safety


Food safety starts with our producers, growers, shippers, and manufacturers. Daylight Foods purchases products only fromcompanies that maintain their own sanitation and food safety programs with very specific guidelines that meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), and SSOP (Sanitation, Standard Operating Procedures). From procurement, preparation, to delivery – we ensure the safest and highest quality produce for our customers.

At Daylight Foods, our primary focus is on food safety. Our FDA registered facility is regularly inspected and is committed to a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) program.

Industry-Leading Safety

  • Daylight Foods is FSMA HACCP and PCQI certified Quality Assurance Team and are GSFI certified with an audit score of 100%.
  • Daylight Foods does not break the cold chain. From receiving, to storage,to sorting, and all aspects of logistics, Daylight Foods maintains cold chain integrity from our door to yours.
  • To ensure the safest standards, Daylight Foods has $15 million in insurancecoverage to protect your business.

Daylight Foods is proud to be a member of the Global Food Safety Initiative and is Good Manufacturing Practice Certified.

We don’t take food safety lightly

If the last 20 year are any indication. foodborne illnesses are not going anywhere.Data shows that hundreds of illnesses continue to pop up each year, from ecoli, salmonella, botulism, listeria, and hepatitis A.

It is our top priority to ensure our produce meets the strictest standards to avoid any future outbreaks and keep our communities safe.