Dear Daylight Customer,

The CDC just announced a Food Safety Alert related to E. Coli O157:H7 referencing Romaine products grown outdoors in the Salinas areas.  Below is the link for your reference.

At this time the Food Safety Alert is only related to Romaine grown and harvested in Salinas, CA.  Daylight Foods has put all product on hold that contains Romaine from this growing region.  Romaine harvested from other regions such as Yuma, Mexico or grown indoors is not associated at this time. 

In the interest of our customers safety we will be labeling all products that contain Romaine with a label stating “NOT from Salinas” in addition to the Harvest location tag that is included on all product boxes until further notice.  We have included a reference guide for Harvest Location Tag identification.

If you have any questions regarding this Food Safety Alert from the CDC please feel free to contact the CDC directly at (800) 232-4636 or our customer service hot line at (510) 931-4207.


Mike Koskinen
Chief Operating Officer
Daylight Foods, Inc